Who We Are


Providence Road Church of Christ is a family of people who, although broken and imperfect, find joy in knowing Jesus loved us so much He died to make an eternal relationship with God possible and offered each of us real life.  We are astonished that such mercy and grace could be ours.


Our Vision is to be a people who “fearlessly follow Jesus”.  That means we do what He asks us to do, whether or not it’s comfortable or convenient or popular.  We trust God to make all things work together for our good (Rom 8:28) and so we are willing to go places we wouldn’t normally go, do things we wouldn’t normally do, and say things we wouldn’t normally say, in order to please Jesus.  We take risks, place ourselves in uncomfortable situations, and willingly give up all we have to accomplish God’s purposes in this world.  As Jesus directed (Matt 28:19-20), we want to first be faithful disciples (or learners/followers) who then help make other disciples.


We become these people and embrace our new identity by living out our Mission in four ways:

  • Come – we come to Jesus to receive a new life, one with purpose and meaning, and commit to following Him;
  • Connect – we build and deepen our relationship with God by spending time with Him, and with each other by living in authentic community;
  • Grow – we become more like Jesus by relying on the Holy Spirit to increase our knowledge, deepen our faith, and transform our minds, hearts and actions to make choices and live in alignment with God’s Word, the Bible;
  • Go – we sacrifice our time, energy, and possessions in order to serve those in our family, our school, our workplace, our community, and our world by helping the hurting, lonely, and needy and sharing God’s love story with those around us.


We’d love to have you join us on this journey!  Take the next step by attending an upcoming Welcome to PR orientation session.