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Worship Service - 6 pm


Normal Schedule (resumes Aug. 3)


 8:30am (Traditional)      11:00am (Contemporary)

Bible Classes meet between services at 10 am.

July 24
Thursday 9:00 AM
Providence Road’s first ever Faith@Home Service Event for the WHOLE CHURCH!!!!!!! Can you imagine anything else that would bring a bigger smile to the face of God than having HIS church serving Charlotte? What about if the groups going out to serve were doing so in FAMILIES, LifeGroups, or in mentoring relationships? And here is the coolest thing adults – you only have to take off 2 days of work!

SERVE will start the morning of Thursday, July 24 and end on Sunday, July 27 at night. Here is what a day will look like - Check it out, you wake up in your own bed, eat your own breakfast at home, bring your own bag lunch, meet at church at 8am with your family, LifeGroup, or other individuals, receive your assignment and supplies and head out to your work site. You will work till 3pm and go home to your own shower to get cleaned up and eat dinner at your own home. Every night we will either meet back up at the building for some awesome worship and a speaker or head out to have fun in our groups for some entertainment. Best of all, you will get to create memories with your families, LifeGroup, or work crew as you process how you saw God at work that day. Now doesn’t that sound awesome? Sign up today!
July 30
Wednesday 7:00 PM
Jeff and Cathryn Walling have been integral parts of PR's ministry for the last 17 years. As they transition to a new ministry effort in California, we are gathering to honor this couple and thank them for all the time, energy, and love they have given our church. There will be a program in the auditorium followed by a dessert reception in the gymnasium.
August 03
Sunday 8:30 AM
Join us for a special day to hear a parting sermon from Jeff Walling, who has served as our Senior Minister for 17 years.
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