Worship Nursery 8:30 & 11:00

A fully staffed nursery for babies, newborn to 23 months, is provided during both of the morning worship services.  These are staffed with trained adult volunteers and assisted by teen volunteers.  Our ministry serves our members and guests so that parents are able to participate in the worship service uninterrupted by babies needs


We provide for the parents and their baby:

  • A staff committed to quality care
  • Nursery for babies 0-23 months of age and a mother’s private nursing room
  • Secured  check in system which includes a pager for easy location of the parents
  • Enforced wellness requirement for staff and babies
  • CPR and First Aid trained staff on site
  • Regular disinfecting of toys and community surfaces each hour
  • Security features such as  room security monitor, gated entrance, and more


Bibs-n-Bibles Class 10:00 

We offer different levels of age and developmental classes during the Bible hour for babies 0-23 months.  We attempt to create a quiet and loving atmosphere where we talk to God, acknowledge His creation and His concern for us. We have dedicated, responsible teachers with years of experience in teaching.   We accept babies as early as parents will bring them and promote them the first of the month that they turn two.


Here’s what the Bibs-n-Bibles Class is all about:

  • It’s a quiet, pleasant room – a child’s room.  As soon as the child is placed in their seat, there’s something to see.
  • There’s a Bible for us to handle carefully while we turn the pages and read that God made ME.
  • It’s hearing that God loves us so much that He sent His only Son into the world as a tiny baby just like ME!
  • It’s quiet time and we listen and know that God is here.  God loves us and God cares.
  • It’s learning that God cares for us and gives us what we need.
  • It’s all of these- to see, to touch, to smell and to do; to sense and love, to be loved and cared for; to be quiet, to be happy, and to talk to God.


All of our staff and volunteers have gone through the Royal Treatment program to ensure that your child is safe at all times.