Community Care

 We at Providence Road base our community involvement on:

Positive Presence: We want to be known in our community to quietly reflect Jesus.  So we serve in our neighborhood school, senior center, and shelters.

Kingdom Growth: We work with programs that allow enough stability for the potential of relationships to grow because out of relationship can come sharing Jesus with others.

Our collective commitment is to use our talents & resources in a range of service opportunities that allow us to build sustained connections with those in need and grow servants’ hearts.


We have committed to focus our Community Caring efforts on four groups:


         Children           Families           Seniors            Recovering


Based on these priorities we have built the following partnerships in our community:


Lansdowne Elementary:

 Only a few blocks from the church building is the IB Magnet school, Lansdowne Elementary, which serves a high percentage of children that live below the poverty line. We have the opportunity to motivate and inspire these children as tutors and 'lunch buddies'.
 No special skills are needed, we just show we care by listening to children and encouraging them to grow. 
 We rally around the teachers and staff by providing supplies when needed and staffing different events throughout the year. 


Sunrise Assisted Living:

 We take the love of Jesus to the men and women down the road from us at Sunrise by having a brief worship service each week. They so enjoy an encouraging smile and seeing people come be with them during worship. 
 You might be surprised how easily you can bring joy to a group of people, some of whom do not often have visitors. Coming on a regular basis helps build recognition and relationship, a really small thing to ask. 
 We have a group that leads singing during our 10am Bible class hour on Sundays. Meet at the Welcome Desk in the foyer if you'd like to join! Ask for Donn or Wendy Hines. 


Charlotte Rescue Mission:

Rebound Men's Program
 The second Sunday of every month we share a meal with the residents of Rebound. Whether it is cooking, serving or eating with the men, you have many chances for engaging conversation, encouragement and laughter. 
 In the 'PR Job Readiness Center', we provide men with the resources to help prepare them for entering the work force. Your presence is invaluable in assisting with GED completion, job applications, drafting resumes or preparing for an interview. 

Dove's Nest
A place for women desiring to overcome addictions with God's healing power. We gather several times a year to celebrate and encourage their recovery walk. We try to make times fun and special as a means of encouragement. 
 We recently improved their workout room and landscaped their courtyard. We will soon have the chance to partner one on one to help the women with GED classes and job readiness skills. 


 Hope Cancer Ministries:
 Ministering to those battling cancer and their families. They need us to show the love of Jesus in big and small ways, bringing hope and joy whenever we can. 
We have consistent prayer partners and card buddies. We provide transportation assistance to appointments when needed. Each volunteer goes through a brief orientation to make sure you're equipped. We deliver Thanksgiving food items to families so they won't have to worry about a meal. During Christmas, we wrap and deliver gifts for children in these struggling families. There are many ways to extend yourself showing Christ to hurting families with Hope!


 Other Key Providers & Support Groups Include: Crisis Assistance, Bright Blessings, Celebrate Recovery, and our own Step-Ahead Program.


Guiding Scriptures


For more information, contact LaCinda Benson.