Can I set up recurring donations?

Yes.  A full schedule of options is available from which you can select. 


Will my contributions be reflected on my annual giving statement?

Yes.  In fact, no matter how you give, your donations are also shown online on the Financial tab of your PR Connect profile.  You can run your own Giving Statement anytime from that same tab.


What if I change banks or my card number changes?

Click the red "Stop" button at the bottom of the Financial tab next to the recurring gift.  Then, click on the green "Give" button to reset up your gift using your new bank account or card information.


Can I change the amount or frequency of my donation?

Yes, first click the red "Stop" button at the bottom of the Financial tab next to the recurring gift.   Then, click on the green "Give" button to reset up your gift with a new amount or new schedule.  The old schedule will show as "Cancelled".


Can I use a debit or credit card?

Yes.  But, we recommend using either a debit card or automated ACH check to donate. Please do not use your credit card to donate if you carry a balance and pay interest! Your church leaders DO NOT want you to go further in debt by giving to Providence Road.  Only if you are in sound financial shape and are using your credit card to earn points or avoid other fees should you use it to make a contribution.


Can I just try this once?

Absolutely.  Just select “One-Time Gift” from the menu.


When is my donation charged to my account?

It usually takes 2-5 days to post to your account.   Card transactions typically post sooner than eCheck transactions.


Do I pay any fees to give online?

No, you do not.  The church incurs some small fees, but giving online costs you nothing extra.


How do I get help?

Just call the church office at 704-364-0748 or email Lee Thrasher.


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