General Fund – Your regular contributions help fund our daily mission of bringing people to Jesus, maturing them into a loving community of disciples, and equipping them for service in the name of Jesus Christ. We do this by having a place to gather for worship and study, staff to serve our members and guests, and programs and events to draw people into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

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Missions – God calls us to “make disciples of all nations”. We currently support efforts in Haiti, Mexico, Colombia, and the Wycliffe Bible Translation group.  Your money helps to support preachers, schools, nutrition programs, and preacher training and tools.




Community Care – We are called to people of “salt and light”, influencing our community and neighborhoods for good by sharing the love of Jesus with those He brings into our path. Your funds help make a difference in the lives of local residents, local schools, and those who need a hand up to get on their feet.






Benevolence - Beyond what happens in our personal lives and church experiences, sharing the love of Christ means bringing help and hope to people in need, many of whom are members here.  We help pay for shelter, utilities, food, and medical needs.